Sunday, August 23, 2015

and two years blew by in a flash...

wow, I had no clue I would be so busy from then until now, but at least i'm attempting a comeback. Tyler and I have had many career changes and many bumps, but we are essentially doing fine, I now work at a christian early learning center as a teacher. Ty is back in hotels. I think our biggest problem at home right now is maybe the discovery that we have mice in the house. But we are doing fine. No kids yet, but still trying.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A fairy tale continues

Once upon a time -

Oh, you know how that goes......the princess is in distress the prince comes and saves her and all that jazz. Well, this is my story and it definitely hasn't been all sparkles and magic, but it's mine and that's all that matters. Life has always been one big beautiful disaster for me. Lots of lessons and lots of tears. And I eventually met this Prince Charming and he married me......he's learned a lot.... and so have I. It's our second anniversary and we are pushing  along.... just keep Dory would say. I guess somewhere along the line I thought my life would get so much easier.... WRONG. It blew up so quick it left me with my head spinning. Now here's the funny part.... I took several marriage classes and career classes.......and NONE of them prepared me for anything that I do or experience today. Crazy, right?  For the bazillion dollars my parents scraped and saved up to send me to one of the most wonderful colleges, I sure learned a load of nothing......OK, not nothing  - I did learn to patiently sit through a three hour class and I did learn how to actually sing, but still you catch my drift. Now something I learned when I got one even cares that I have a diploma.... and the ones who interviewed me for a job - they never even asked if I went to college. So riddle me this Batman.....WHY? But then again WHY may be too broad of a question to ask in the day and age of CEO's working at the local Burger Stop. Any who, Marriage - love....something I am so thankful for and something that has taught me so much. I happen to be the house control way, no highway option.... and my husband is pretty good at nodding and doing what I ask of him. We've had everything in our new (old) house - from infestations to break downs to flat out crazy. It's hard to maintain upkeep on a house from the 70'S not to mention expensive. Even with everything, we just keep going.It's been a wonderful two years........I hope we have 90 more years.........and along the way maybe one of these years life will stop being crazy and start being normal.....whatever that means.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy First year Anniversary!

I can't believe it! This week marks one year of being married to the most wonderful man on earth! We've had lots of ups and downs......but each one was a great adventure! Here's to hoping for 50 more wonderful years together!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

isn't it amazing?

I just looked at my wedding clicker thingy and realized I am 10 days away from being married to Tyler for  200 days! It's amazing how time flies! Well, work is very good.....home is good too!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

I know this is out of the usual for me to speak on such a candid and serious topic, however, I feel strongly about this one. Today, I saw a video that has changed my view on the world around me. Entitled, "KONY 2012," It is about a movement to stop a horrible man from doing horrible things that he has been doing for years in the country of Uganda. The thing is, in the video, this young man named Jacob was introduced...What really got me is his will to die, because of the things he had seen and been forced to do for this LRA (The rebels) group. Kids are abducted in the middle of the night to become child soldiers.... young girls are abducted to become sex slaves to the group's soldiers. It's a horrific experience. After watching this video, I visited the KONY 2012 site and pledged to help in anyway I can to make America more aware and to help free children who are victims of the LRA and its horrific crimes. Please, help us educate our country, and the world,on how and what we can do for others who are less fortunate than us. Look at your kids and imagine how the parents of the abducted children feel. Let's truly come together for a well worth cause. It's one that I firmly believe in.

To learn more about the Joseph KONY 2012 project, please visit:

or go to and type in:
KONY 2012
to watch the project and help.

Thank you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And she became a working woman!

I got a job! *does happy dance*
I am a night shift mentor at a youth girls rehab transistional center. I love it. It's an all-night job but it pays. I also have started babysitting my Cousin in laws children as a side job. I'm psyched to be contributing to the family once again. I started at one night a week but all of the sudden, it's turned into 3 or 4 nights a week mentoring and 1 to 2 days babysitting. Yay me! Tyler is doing good at his job... he seems so much happier. I am getting more involved with church which is nice. Flubber is still playful and bouncy. We are family! ha.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alittle too long...

I'm sorry about the huge delay in posts, as the months post marriage have been a wild ride. Let's review.......

After an amazing honeymoon phase, we got back to basics.....learning how to live with each others little quirks and such. It was hard living with a dog at first. I think he found my insomnia a bit annoying..... lol. But After a few weeks we got the hang of it alright. He unfortunately lost his job in December and started a new job in January at Lowes. I'm still searching, but that's ok. We spent Christmas with my family and New Years with my family too. I have been using the time being unemployed to clean, learn to cook and learn to take care of the dog. I actually gave the dog a haircut yesterday.....he looks pretty handsome for doing a chop job. I've learned so much and we just celebrated 110 days of being married.....It's amazing. Time has gone by so fast!

Well, time to get back to cooking -

More updates later....

oh, and check our whole new blog site out for Tyler and Myself!